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Welcome to the Christopher Whitehouse Foundation

The mission of the Christopher Whitehouse Foundation is to provide for some personal needs of young people in distress. This is done by the awarding of grants with the cooperation and assistance of the University of Notre Dame Alumni Club of S. I. and school guidance counselors. 

The CWF understands that being a teenager can be difficult and there are times when there might exist a shortage of funds for necessary expenses. A working family, for example, might need extra cash to pay for a child's SAT, scholarship exam or tutoring. Perhaps the dues required to join a sports team or pay for senior year expenses are beyond reach. Young students applying for jobs sometimes can not afford the formal clothing that help make a positive impression.  These are cases where the CWF can help.

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Where Does My Donation Go?

The monies donated to our foundation go straight to school counselors, nurses, teachers or any individuals who have direct ties to students in need. These individuals then disburse grants to students. Our goal is to provide the small stuff that make the big impacts. An extra $20 to a student in need can change a life. In many cases, the material that these kids gain is nothing compared to the confidence and security that comes along with your donation. 

If you are interested in finding out more, we invite you to browse our site. See how our foundation provides over 97% of the money donated to students in need (as our staff are volunteers). 

97% of your dollars go directly to students in need.

The money donated to the Christopher Whitehouse Foundation not only goes toward solving a financial crisis, it helps our youth develop self esteem, a sense of achievement and often triggers initiative. Anonymous donations will help our young people reach their goals and give them an extra boost in their day-to-day lives.

You can donate from $1 to $1000+ - every cent counts!


Whitehouse Foundation 201 Todt Hill Rd Staten Island NY 10314


Save the date – September 20th, 2019!  


The 20th Annual Christopher Whitehouse Golf Outing and Fundraiser Reception!


About Christopher Whitehouse


The Foundation was established in 1999 in memory of Christopher Whitehouse who died in 1997 at the age of 29. He was at the time a doctoral student and counselor to disadvantaged students. 


Chris helped many young people, in the process of counseling them, by offering financial assistance from his own pocket. His family learned the full details of his activities after his death when his teachers and colleagues came forward describing his selfless work. Monies too, were collected in his memory.  With these funds and the support of the Notre Dame Club on Staten Island, a non-profit foundation was established. 


The foundation has grown and flourished over the years providing hundreds of grants to students. The current operating income derives from the Foundation's only fund-raiser, its annual Golf Outing and Reception, each September.



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Apply For A Grant

School counselors and school administrators, please click Download File for a .pdf of the foundation application form. Completed applications must be sent via regular mail to: Whitehouse Foundation 201 Todt Hill Rd Staten Island, NY 10314


Application for grants is on-going during the school year.